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September 24, 2021



Please beware of MOBILE APP SCAM that involving using our company PayNow application through imitating our App Name and Logo to trick customers by changing the default SMS receiver and recording user Bank Account Login details.

Eastern-Alliance Group of Companies have recently learned of a SCAM involving a company posing under the name of “JMD System” through Facebook posting to recruit dealers and customers to install their mobile application manually through direct APK, bypassing the official Google PlayStore and IOS AppStore. 

Example of Solicitations are as follows

  • Scammer behind the company JMD System offer large incentive to join the application by giving rebate after the initial top-up. They are offering Buy RM10 Credit will receive additional RM50 as bonus incentive.
  • Once the victim agreed, the scammer will then send an APK installation file to the victim via various Chat platforms. 
  • The victim will then be asked to install the application and agreed to the installation guideline
  • Once the App is installed onto the victim’s phone, it will then ask the Victim to register by inputting their name, IC number, Contact and Address. 
  • It will then prompt the user to change the Default SMS app to the Scam App. This will allow the scammer to receive the bank TAC number
  • Once registration is complete, it will direct the victim to login to their bank account to perform the first RM10 top-up in order to receive the bonus RM50. 
  • The Victim will then login to their respective bank and all the Username and Password will be collected by the App.
  • The scammer will then have control over the TAC as well as the Bank Account Login.

Eastern Alliance or its group affiliates, and officers have absolutely NO INVOLVEMENT with these fraudulent practices, and do not make such solicitations. We will NEVER ask our dealers and/or customers to install any mobile app except through Official IOS AppStore and Google PlayStore. We will also NEVER request bank login details apart from the official Payment Gateway authorised by Bank Negara. 

Eastern-Alliance Group of Companies has reported this Mobile App Scam to related authorities i.e. PDRM, MCMC and respective Legal departments for next course of actions. Dear business partners, it is our duty to be aware & report Scam program or app to prevent inevitable losses. DO NOT respond and be enticed by the too good to be true offer from online. Always contact our official phone number and our authorised personnel to confirm and verify if and when you have doubt. 

Thank you & Stay Safe.

Do Your Part – Be Security Smart!



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