ElitePay App - Tutorial

Table of Contents

1. How to Login

Login Screen:
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Key in your login password

(Default password: your contact number eg. 010XXXXXXX)

Tips: Reset login password

  1. Click upper right icon  3 dot icon
  2. Click Setting
  3. Then click Change login password to receive an SMS with 6-digit verification code
  4. Key in the 6-digit verification code and click Next
  5. Insert new preferred password and click Next
  6. You are now successfully change the password

2. App Menu

ElitePay App Menu list
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App Menu Items
  1. Credit Transfer
  2. Credit Approval Status
  3. Sales Report
  4. Device Summary
  5. Product Information
  6. Transaction Enquiry
  7. Transaction Summary
  8. Setting
  9. Bank Info

3. Bank Information

Show ElitePay Bank Info
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There are 2 methods to purchase ElitePay credit

Online Bank Transfer

Company name      : ELITE LINKS (M) SDN BHD

Bank name               : CIMB BANK BERHAD

Bank account no.   : 8603 3157 66

Note: Minimum amount imposed by ElitePay is RM100

Using JomPAY

Log in to your Internet Banking and enter your Biller code, Ref No. 1 and Ref No. 2.

Note: Minimum amount imposed by ElitePay is RM300

4. Upload Bank Slip

Credit Topup page

To upload bank in slip, please login and navigate to “Credit Topup” tab as shown in the image below:

ElitePay - Upload bank slip
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After you have online transferred money to ELITE LINKS (M) SDN BHD bank account, you need to upload your bank-in receipt via “Credit Topup” page in ElitePay app. It will take up to 24 hours for the transaction to be verified. Once the transaction is verified, you will receive you credit in your ElitePay master account.

Tips: If you transfer money by using JomPAY service, you will receive your credit instantly.

5. Credit Transfer

ElitePay - Credit Transfer from Master Wallet
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Each time when you purchase ElitePay credit, the credit will be stored in your Master Wallet. You need to transfer the credit from your master wallet to your device before you can reload or pay bill for your customers.

  1. Open ElitePay app menu
  2. Select “Credit Transfer”
  3. To check ElitePay credit, please refer to “Master Balance”
  4. To transfer credit to your device, Select a device and key in the amount and click “Submit” button.

6. Topup for Your Customer (E-Reload)

ElitePay - Transfer E-Reload to your Customer
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In order to reload mobile credit for your customers via E-Reload (Electronic Reload), please go to “E-RELOAD” tap and follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the correct mobile operator
  • Step 2: Select the amount that customer would like to reload
  • Step 3: Fill in the correct mobile number
  • Step 4: Submit the reload request once you have entered a correct information


Note: The minimum reload amount is vary from every mobile service provider.

Kind reminder: The refund is impossible once the credit is reloaded to a wrong customer/mobile number successfully.

7. Perform Bill-Payment for Your Customers

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You can easily make bill payment via ElitePay app by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Select the correct service provider
  • Step 2: Fill in the required information
  • Step 3: Submit the bill payment request once you have entered all information correctly.


Kind reminder:

  1. Valid Bill Payment request will be processed within 24 hours on working days only.
  2. System does not accept/ process Last Bill Settlement request for Terminated Account.


Any unauthorized attempt which leads to reversal request from customers, the penalty/ service charges imposed by operator will be charged to agent’s account accordingly

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